Golf clubs and golf equipment essentials for your needs

If you’re looking for the right iron, wood or putter, you can select specific drivers to make short work of your quest for the perfect club. If you’re not looking for individual clubs, you can also choose from our complete sets to get everything you need to go out to the driving range.

Look good and stay comfortable on and off the course with golf clothes designed to help you perform your best, from the tee box to the putting green. Shorts and pants for men and women should be comfortable, flex adequately with your swing, and regulate temperature well over an 18-hole walk. Golf clothes made with technical fabrics provide extra stretch and moisture-wicking properties, so even if you’re playing in the balmy Florida heat, you can stay cool and dry on the course. Check out our offering on skirts and dresses made with similar high-performance materials. Shirts and outerwear are available in a variety of styles for all seasons.

Upper body range of motion is crucial to a consistent swing, so golf clothes are specially designed to let you move freely and comfortably no matter what club you’re playing. Short and long-sleeve shirts, rainproof zip ups, and fleece jackets will get you out on the course in any weather. Scratch golfers and new players alike understand the benefit of golf clothes designed and constructed to combine comfort and performance on the course. The range of styles and brands available means there’s golf clothes for every player and budget.

On the surface, the idea that drivers are still getting better today seems absurd, in a word, laughable. But what makes drivers extra special today is how personal they can get thanks to the multiple levels of adjustability that are now commonplace. It is not unusual with movable weights and rotating hosels that a typical driver can be 10, 20 or even a thousand heads in one. Recent tests show that the twist of a wrench can mean 20-plus yards of ballflight correction, either straighter or longer. It’s all a matter of finding the right setting to unleash the big hitter you always dreamed you’d be.

Irons make up the majority of clubs in a players bag, so choosing the right set can make a big difference to their game. For golfers who play at a high handicap, super game-improvement irons have the highest offset available which makes them easier to hit for golfers struggling to get the golf ball into the air. Handicaps of 21-28 will find these clubs offering the lowest center of gravity (COG) to help with higher golf ball flight and they also come with the largest club head perimeter for a greatly improved forgiveness. Game-improvement irons have a low COG that is able to launch golf balls on a steeper angle,and is ideal for mid to high handicap golfers (15-23) with a slight bias towards mid handicappers.

A mid to low handicap (8-17) is absolutely imperative before putting one of the intermediate irons in your bag as they are less forgiving and will need players will more skill at this level to find them effective. The COG is slightly different from its game-improvement counterparts, utilising a steeper angle and less height carried onto the green.
Drivers, Fairway Woods, and Hybrids
Golf requires precision, endurance, and strategy. In fact, the initial drive off the golf tee goes a long way toward setting up subsequent shots on a golfer’s approach to the green. If the ball is short, the golfer has that much farther to go. If the ball is hit without accuracy, it can end up in a water hazard or bunker. Knowing the differences between drivers, fairway woods, and hybrid golf clubs can take strokes off a golfer’s game.

With the popularity of golf at an all-time high, golfers continue to fine-tune their golf game with improved club designs. Drivers, fairway woods, and hybrid golf clubs – the various types of clubs used to tee off – all have a role to play, depending on the lay of the course, the location of fairway hazards, and distance to the green. Knowing when to use each type of club can greatly improve a golfer’s game.

Drivers feature large metal clubhead that adds weight when driving a ball long distance. The longest club in a golfer’s arsenal. Should be reserved for par-5 and long par-4 holes. Fairway Woods are golf clubs used for shots from the fairway. Woods today have metal heads like drivers, but the clubheads are smaller and the shafts shorter. Some golfers use a 3-wood for drives on shorter holes, as a fairway wood offers more accuracy at the expense of less driving range.

Hybrids – known as rescue clubs – are a mixture of a fairway wood and an iron, but while the center of gravity on a fairway wood falls toward the back of the clubhead, a hybrid golf club has its center of gravity toward the front of the clubhead. This gives hybrids greater accuracy, but reduces hitting distance.

These definitions above can help determine which club best serves your style of play.